Sidney Powell begins to release the Kraken…

Sidney did 16 minutes on Rush Limbaugh radio (Mark Steyn was filling in) this afternoon

“I’ve got a firsthand witness. In fact I’ve just emailed you an affidavit from a witness who can now be used publicly. It’s redacted in some places but he was present for the creation of the system for this specific purpose of falsifying election results for Hugo Chavez and then Maduro. They exported this all over Latin America . It’s the Smartmatic and Dominion systems that were built to do this very thing, for changing the results of elections… And he realized when things were happening the way they were here, particularly with the states the suddenly went down, they stopped counting the votes. It was because the need was so great to President Trump that they had to go in and do a separate reset on the machines to have them come out for Biden.”

Mark Steyn: And you have evidence of this affect? Witnesses to this affect?

Sidney Powell: I do, indeed.

Sidney Powell – 2 of 8 — GEOTUS-Elect M3thods 🇺🇸 (@M2Madness) November 16, 2020


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